I'm a Ukrainian-American UX designer.
I'd love to do it all: art, social work, research. 
Five years working with the houseless community living on the
streets of Portland had given me one of the greatest gift of all; 
the ability to listen, to understand, to connect.

Human connection and understanding has not only guided
my previous career, but it has also had a lifelong impact on my future.
I bring a human-centered process to all of my design work,
as I know its power and importance.

I've transitioned into UX with a whole toolkit of skills 
that I am excited to utilize. 
In my free time,

you can find me backpacking, snowboarding, 
painting and creating digital visuals to healing sounds. 
Let's Chat
Thank you! I look forward to connecting :)
Currently Reading: The Bear by Andrew Krivak
Currently Listening To: Overthink Podcast
Currently Loving: Solaris, Directed by Andrey Tarkovsky
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